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This page represents approximate data collected by the Rock Ranch owners. Campers were surveyed regarding the most desirable traits of a campsite. For vehicle campers the most sought after requirement was a site level enough to park a full length travel van (ie Sprinter or ProMaster) with the support of tire blocks for additional leveling. Second to this was additional parking options, up to two large vans on one site. For tent campers the most important requirement was all day shade at the site, and second the option to park a small tow behind or second vehicle. This chart by no means represents the long list of questions campers ask about the 70 campsites on the property, just the most common.

Suggestions for finding the best campsite:
First, decide whether you’d like to be on the Front Orchard (closer to potable water, sinks, toilets, and WiFI access, but also the main highway), or the Back Orchard (farther from highway traffic noise, closer to your camping neighbors, with vault toilets only).
Second, select the detail that is most important to you (ex: allows 2 vehicles or has tent shade).
Third, gather a list of campsites then sort it by using a second desirable detail, or the Additional Notes column for valuable information about parking levelness, shade, and tent options. Complete a date range search on the Reservation page, and compare the available campsites in the results to your preferred list.
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This is only approximate information, and it is highly suggested you contact us with any questions before making a reservation. While some parking areas are very close to being level assume they are not perfect and bring your own leveling blocks. We encourage comments on this data for future edits (but be nice, it took a lot of work).
(307) 366-2096

Chart Column Descriptions:
Site # and Approx. Size: Campsite number, occupancy, approximate dimensions width by length in feet, and amenities.
Vehicle Information*: Approximate parking area dimension(s) width by length in feet, vehicle suggestion* = Mid (Car/SUV less than 19′ in length), Large (Truck/Van more than 20′ in length), Small see Notes. *You are responsible for knowing the exact dimensions of all vehicles parking on your site, and that they will all fit together.
Sleeping Options: Yes = particular sleeping option is available. No = particular sleeping option is unavailable. Maybe = vehicle sleeping option suggests or requires leveling blocks. Always assume each site is not level to some degree, and check Additional Notes for this category.
Shade Variety: There is a variety of Full shade, Partial shade, and No shade (this can be different for camping and parking areas). We note when the sunshine first arrives on site, and the shade variety by noon. See site photos for examples of what ‘shade’ means.
Additional Notes: These were generated using regular comments by campers and from observations by the owners. You may find the notes on tent spot quality and vehicle levelness most valuable.

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