3278 E US HWY 16, TEN SLEEP, WY 82442 (307) 366-2096 info@tensleeprockranch.com





Campsites either allow for 1 or 2 vehicles per site. It is your responsibility to read the description for the site you reserve and follow the allotted number of vehicles. There is no over flow parking for additional vehicles. We suggested you reserve a second site for additional vehicles and people as needed.
Do not attempt to park additional vehicles in any other location, like along the fence line, or by removing barriers. Do not move rocks for additional space or to level any vehicle. Bring your own vehicle levelers.
Cabins allow for one vehicle per cabin, and a reserved space is available directly in front of each cabin. A second vehicle may be accommodated for upon request.
There is a small day use lot for those visiting. No overnight parking is allowed in this lot. We ask that you do not park here if you have a campsite to park in. 

Each campsite must have a tag on the post and an envelope returned to the blue box with the name and information of the person whom the reservation is under. Full directions and an example exist at the self registration area. You will also be sent these full details in email format once a reservation is complete. 
Hammocks are allowed (for now), but trees must be protected properly. If a hammock is considered to be damaging a tree it will be removed. Slack lines are not allowed anywhere on the property.

Watershed Zone, Drinking Water:
Urinating and defecation on the property will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave with no refund. The property is on a natural water shed by way of the Ten Sleep Creek. Respect this policy and the people who use the creek as a drinking water source. 
There is to be no bathing, cleaning of dishes, or washing of clothes in the Ten Sleep Creek. No additional chemicals, whether they are labeled ‘organic’, ‘environmentally safe’, or otherwise are allowed. A bathing suit is required at all times while enjoying the creek. 
Drinking water is available at the bathhouse and does not need to be boiled.

Refrigerators are checked regularly. If your food is spoiling we reserve the right to dispose of it immediately for health safety issues. Do not leave your dishes or other personal items in or around the sink. Keep this area clean for all guests (and not for pests). Clean up any mess you make in the communal sink area, including inside of the microwave. 
Do not leave items unattended in the social area under the blue pavilion or on the deck. Do not leave hammocks, chairs, or other personal items. 
Packages and mail can be sent to the Rock Ranch address. Items are stored on a communal shelf behind the large house. Package delivery is a free convenience, not a service. Ten Sleep Rock Ranch assumes no liability for package delivery, security, or loss.


Requests can be made via email by replying to your confirmation (info@tensleeprockranch.com), or calling (307) 366-2096.
We appreciate your patience in waiting for a response and resolution. Our goal is to reply within two business days (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm).

Camping and Cabin Reservation Cancellation Policy:
7 Days Notice and 10% Cancellation Fee = 7 full days advanced notice required before start date of reservation to receive a refund with the deduction of a 10% fee. Reservation changes are accepted during this time. For example, you must send a request no later the 1st if your reservation starts on the 8th.
1-6 Days Notice and 50% Cancellation Fee = 1-6 full days advanced notice required before start date of reservation to receive a refund with the deduction of a 50% fee. Reservation changes are not accepted during this time. For example, you must send a request no later the 1st if your reservation starts between the 2nd to the 7th.
No Refund = Once the reservation has begun (on the start date, not check in time) there are no refunds or changes allowed.

Camping and Cabin Reservation Change Policy:
7 Days Notice = Date change requests must be sent 7 full days before the start date of a reservation. Changes will not be permitted after this date. For example, you must send a request no later the 1st if your reservation starts on the 8th.
Shortened Dates = When a request to shorten a reservation is approved a $5 fee will be deducted if a refund is applicable.
Extended Dates = Return to the reservation website page to extend your stay and pay for additional dates. If dates are extended manually by an admin and a payment request is sent a $5 fee will be added to the total. You may need to select another accommodation if your current one is booked for your extended dates.

Camping and Cabin Reservation Number of Guests Policy:
Number of Guests = All persons must be paid for in advance. No changes to the number of people are permitted.
The individual who makes the reservation is responsible for paying for all intended guests, regardless if they actually use the lodging. Seek personal payment in advance for additional guests you reserve lodging for at your campsite or within your cabin. This holds strict for the following holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day. It is your responsibility to know who will be lodging with you and to collect their payment. 


Property & Grounds:
You agree to keep your pet(s) on a leash at all times while on the property. You will not let them wander off unleashed or be left unattended. The front grass area by the large house is off limits to pet(s) as it is part of the private residence. You will not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle for any reason at any time. You agree to carry waste disposal bags and pick up after your pet. In the case your pet is found unattended, off leash, or defecating, you will be warned once. If a pet violently interacts with another pet this is cause for removal off the property. 

You agree to keep your pet(s) on a leash at all times when outside of the cabin. You will not allow your pet(s) to lay on the bed or couch. Any damage to the interior or exterior of the cabin will be the owners sole responsibility. You agree to never leave your pet(s) unattended in a cabin, and to take them with you any time you leave the cabin. 


While there is WiFi on the property the signal is generally only useful for internet searches, social media, and emailing. We can not guarantee that the bandwidth will be strong enough (especially during peak visitor times, days, or months) to attend a Zoom meeting or upload/download large files, for example. We suggest visiting the Ten Sleep Library, which is about 10 minutes away. They accept donations. If you use a local business’ WiFi for work related activities consider being a patron. We also suggest you park further away from the front of the establishment, so as to offer normal customers ease of parking. Thank you for supporting our town and being a good visitor ambassador.