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Public and Private Group Classes | Personalized Individual Sessions

I utilize movement science to create group practices and individualized private sessions that touch on the whole body, from head to toe, skin to core, with priority given to practical actions that translate off the mat into your daily life. Your brain will be encouraged to pay attention to the body, to find blindspots, to hear the signals, and to allow it soften. The experience would not be complete without a little breath work and meditative flow. There’s always time dedicated to stillness, to gently coax the mind into quiet, to integrate your finished practice, and because everyone deserves rest. Work with me, move better, feel better.

I lead movement classes in Ten Sleep and Worland, Wyoming. If you are planning a visit to the area please see my current schedule below, which changes seasonally. Private sessions are available upon request. For additional details about my services, please visit my website.


Every Saturday (except rain), 9-10am on the main deck. When Valarie taches it's $5+ sliding scale, give what you can! If a guest teacher is offering yoga please ask for their rates. A waiver must be signed to participate.

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Worland Wednesdays:
Cloud Peak Chiropractic and Wellness,
618 Coburn Ave, Worland, WY

$10 drop in rate



4pm Whole Body Tune In & Care
5:30pm Whole Body Stretch & Strengthen


Worland Private Session Rates

$35 first session trial rate

$50 for a single booked session
$40 a session for a package of 4+ ($160+)

For Family Rates Inquire

Studio Example

Ten Sleep Thursdays:
Ten Sleep Fitness Center
399 Fir St, Ten Sleep, WY

$10 drop in rate


5:00pm Whole Body Tune In & Care


Every Saturday (except rain), 9-10am on the main deck. $5+ sliding scale, give what you can! 

Fitness Center
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Classes- All levels and abilities are welcome. Modifications and some props will be available. You are welcome to decline participating in any activity at any time during your practice.

You deserve to slow down, we all do. The body, and especially the mind, are not made to be running at max speed every day all day. For one full hour I will ask you to set aside the demands of life outside, and turn your full attention toward yourself.
The journey includes a slow guided exploration of the body as a conscious participant in all movements. You have permission to lead your own practice by making choices on the mat that serve you to the highest, without judgement or comparison. The slow pace allows time for all bodies to transition with ease from one position to another, floor to standing, and inattentiveness to self inquiry.
My sincere hope is that you leave feeling lighter in your bones, and in your heart. That you carry this stillness out into the world with you, and remember each day that you deserve to slow down.

Yoga is not meant to be a rigid structure to blanket over all bodies. Your experience with me will show you that the perfect pose doesn’t exist and flexibility is not a prerequisite. Yoga is fluid, taking on the shape of your individual vessel.
For one hour we will move between a slow to moderate pace, beginning with several quiet restful minutes to shake off the world outside and bring the focus to just you. As the class unfolds your individual participation is part of the process in co-creating the practice. You chose where in your figure to focus, the pace, and the lines of limit. Each action is your own, and I am simply a guide in creating a fit for your specific needs. I will encourage you to explore and be curious while you are in motion. You always have permission to abandon my cues and turn up the volume of your own inner voice, without judgement or comparison. Be ready to transition from floor to standing with ease, and have a moderate amount of mobility.
My aim is to get you active from head to toe, and awaken your awareness skin to core. I hope that you leave with a smile on your face and a humming peace in your heart, that you go out and share with others in the world.


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I am a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. If you would like to know more about my education, trainings, and background please visit my website.

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