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Valarie's Purpose Statement -

Let's Move! I hold space for you to explore and care for your body and mind with a gentle practice that invites stretch, strength, mobility, and longevity. Move for move we breath at the level and pace you seek, for a unified experience. 



I lead classes seasonally at my home in Ten Sleep, and year round at Cloud Peak Chiropractic & Wellness in Worland. I practice and teach for stretch, strength, mobility, and longevity, of both body and mind.

I focus on aligning unique bodies with desired goals, in honor of all abilities and limitations. Following each breath with a movement hones in on the deeper strength the mind has to offer, while centering all attention on the self for much deserved care.

Bighorn Forest



Worland Wednesdays:
Cloud Peak Chiropractic and Wellness,
$10 drop in rate, punch cards available

September - 4, 11, 18, 25

(1:30pm Private Session Available)
(2:45pm Private Session Available)
4pm Stretch & Refresh, Slow Flow
5:30pm Stretch & Strengthen, Flow

October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
November 6, 13, 20
December 4, 11, 18

10:30am Chair Yoga (Senior Center) 
12:15pm Stretch & Strengthen, Flow
1:30pm Kid Friendly Yoga, Slow Flow
(2:45pm Private Session Available)
4pm Stretch & Refresh, Slow Flow
5:30pm Stretch & Strengthen, Flow 

Worland Private Session Rates

$20 first session trial rate

$30 a session
$100 Package of 4

For Family Rates Inquire



Classes- All levels and abilities are welcome. Modifications and some props will be available. You are welcome to decline participating in any activity at any time during your practice.

Stretch & Refresh, Slow Flow- A casual paced class centered around gentle stretching and controlled breathing. Begins with breathing, and an elevating warm up of fluid movement. A series of standing poses follows, and the entire practice may include gentle twists, slight backbends, forward folds, light core, and shoulder & hip openers. Modifications available for seated standing, and moving between. The breath slows for the cool down, and the floor is utilized before the practice ends with a lengthy resting pose. Suitable for those able to get up and down from the floor, and beginners. 

Chair Yoga, at Senior Center- A safe, and easy going pace for this class. Modifications can be made for any movement. All are welcome to sit at any time, or remain seated throughout.  Keep your body stable and mobile through all the stages of aging. Alternating periods of sitting and standing with chair support for balance. 

Stretch & Strengthen, Flow - A moderate paced class for dynamic stretching, active strengthening, and a light total body workout. Begins with quiet breathing, and an elevating warm up of fluid movement. A series of moderate to suggested advanced standing poses follows, and the entire practice may include twists, backbends, forward folds, core, and shoulder & hip openers. The breath slows for the cool down, and the floor is utilized before the practice ends with a lengthy resting pose. Suitable for those able to quickly get up and down from the floor, and with some fitness level.

Kid Friendly Yoga - A slow to moderately paced class featuring an active floor warm up (which may include lying on the back, seated, and kneeling), followed by a standing sequences, and ending with a quiet floor cool down. This light hearted, and some times silly class aims to allow mom/dad to stretch, breath, and connect with their bodies and their babes.
*Young children are welcome to roam the room, sit or lie on a blanket or mat, and participate in activities. Parents are welcome to come and go from the room as necessary with their child. Tips.


Ten Sleep Rock RanchLocated on Highway 16, just one mile from the Bighorn National Forest. Practice takes place in either the private home studio, creekside deck, or on the grassy lawn. Limited props available, but bring your own mat or towel.

3278 E US HWY 16

Ten Sleep WY, 82442

(307) 366 - 2096

Yoga Room Example

Cloud Peak Chiropractic & Wellness, The Studio - Located in Worland, The Studio is spacious and well lit. A welcoming environment where there is room for all. The access door is at the back of the building in the large parking lot. Some props and mats are available.

618 Coburn Ave

Worland, WY 82401

(307) 347 - 3500

Studio Example



Join me on YouTube. My channel has a variety of classes ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. Themes include tutorials and practices for specific body areas, types of movement, yoga poses, and modifications. Check the video description for the class level and more information. Subscribe to my channel for notifications when a new video is released. Like what you see and do? Send a note with any comments or requests!

  • Practice Anytime

    5 to 60 minute classes

  • Privacy & Solitude

    find space for self care

  • Stretch & Strengthen

    gain comfort & join a live class

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Send me a message: 

Valarie Anderson
I moved to Ten Sleep, Wyoming to slow down my pace of life. Originally from California I was raised to love camping, fishing, and the outdoors. Rock climbing and running are my favorites ways to enjoy nature. Over the years both activities led to small injuries due to imbalances in my body. I began practicing yoga to heal and restore my physical body, and to my surprise found mental harmony. I love to teach those beginning their yoga journey, or continuing their practice even after years of being off the mat. Now I own and manage the Ten Sleep Rock Ranch with my husband and climbing partner, where we host campers from all over the world.

"Yoga is for the body, the mind, and the spirit. It’s for health, wellness, and humanity. It’s for you, if you are ready to try something new and learn more about yourself.”

My Story
I came to yoga as many do, broken. The toll of being an athlete was hitting me hard, and my physical body hurt. I’d been told yoga could cure what ails me, and that I should at least give it a try. What I was not prepared for was everything non-physical that it revealed and helped to heal. There were personal wounds to unravel, and self doubt to over come. I felt frail from core to cover. Yoga showed me a path back to wholeness, but most importantly it guided me over the treacherous terrain that lay ahead. As new road blocks appeared I found myself better equipped to handle what life tossed at me, and discovered how much I am resilient. Succumbing to emotions, sitting with the sensations, and unpacking the lessons was a generous gift from yoga that I benefit from daily. Not everyone experiences yoga this way. Some come to it for general fitness and quiet time. Others find comfort and solace with their personal practice. One of the special gems of yoga is the individual approach and experience we all can have with it, and at different ages and stages of our lives. It’s Your practice. 

How this translates to my teaching

I approach leading yoga with a social wellness intention. Everyone comes to the mat with a variety of health and fitness levels, and we are all susceptible to injury and issue. Yoga does not cure all, but it can offer support to your journey towards physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

All levels, ages, and stages are welcome in class. Simply step onto the mat to begin. I teach a slower version of yoga, so that you have a chance to feel it working throughout. Slower does not have to mean easier. Controlled steady movement can lead to strength, increased mobility, and expanded body awareness. Uniting your breath with movement brings mindfulness to the mat, and often a soothing affect through meditation and a mental reset. I teach to your anatomy, your body, and your mind by giving many options, modifications, and permission to take the practice where you need it to go. You do you, YOUga.

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance. Waiver must be signed to participate in all yoga activities.

The Teacher's Teachers: My original vinyasa flow training was presented by Courtney Short and Louise With-Seidelin of The Yoga Mat in Orange, CA. There have been many supportive instructors online, to continue my growth as a teacher and practitioner. Included here are some of my favorites yogis: Dr. Garrett Neill chiropractor and movement educator and mobility specialist, Mado Hesselink the teachers' teacher, Shannon Crow the teachers' teacher, Jenni Rawlins yoga anatomy and movement science specialist, Andrea Ferretti Yogaland podcast and mindful meditations, Lara Heimann physical therapist, and Kathryn Bruni-Young mindful strength specialist.

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