Articles & Info

Please enjoy the thoughts and photos of others that have visited Ten Sleep in the past for rock climbing. We caution that the information about the town resources may be a bit dated (i.e. guidebook, camping, and places to eat) but overall the articles are useful. If you have any questions about any of the subjects mentioned please don’t hesitate to contact us!

A Few Considerations:
*Parking in the Canyon- At designated pullouts only, head in, not parallel.
*Trash Disposal- Public Bighorn Climbers’ Coalition funded dumpster are located at the Ten Sleep Brewery and the Rock Ranch, or pack it home (never use a private dumpster on someone’s property!)
*Restrooms- Porta-potties on the Old Road funded by the Bighorn Climbers’ Coalition, or pack it out methods for National Forest lands and Leave No Trace methods.
*Showers- Pay at the Rock Ranch, Ten Sleep Brewery, Ten Broek RV Park, or Deer Haven. Never shower in the town Splash Pad, or the park public restrooms. Avoid bathing in the river.
*Respect established trails and road closures (Old Road opens mid June to mid November).

*Respect the town’s people and other outdoor users. Don’t invade the public Ten Sleep park and over use your stay. Give back to the resources you take by purchasing items in town.



Moja Gear blog – Climbing Destination Guide: Ten Sleep, Wyoming – Written by Georgie Abel, 2015

Weigh My Rack blog – Advice for Climbers Heading to Ten Sleep, Wyoming – Written by Alison Dennis, 2014

Climbing Magazine – 21 Things to Know About Ten Sleep, Wyoming – Written by local Alli Rainey, 2012

Vimeo CDTV – BD Athlete Climbing in Ten Sleep, Wyoming – Video of Black Diamond athlete Cedar Wright, 2011



Rakkup – Ten Sleep Online Guidebook – Written by Mike Snyder, Updated regularly.

Bighorn Climbers’ Coalition – Punk Rock Fundraiser Edition Guidebook – Written by Aaron Huey (available through the Ranch).

Rock Climbs of the Eastern Big Horns- Written by Trevor Bowman (available through the Rock Ranch).



The Ten Sleep Rock Ranch has WiFi for those staying with us. Feel free to drop a donation if you are not staying with us and use any of the facilities (water, restrooms, WiFi). In the town Dirty Sally’s, the Brewery, Saloon, and Library have WiFi as well. We strongly suggest you make a purchase to contribute to your use. If you need private or quiet space (with excellent internet signal) the Washakie County Library in Worland is great for this!